• customization

    When it comes to healthcare, there is no such thing as one size fits all...
    Everything we do at HM is geared to creating a customized fit for the patients unique and individual needs!

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  • collaboration

    At HM we work in partnership with the physician and patient,
    to identify the best course of customized pharmacological management.

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  • care

    The well being of the patients and physicians that we serve is our number one priority.
    This is seen in the legendary customer service that we offer. It can also be identified in the level of quality assurance that we undergo.

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New York City’s first PCAB Accredited Pharmacy

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Everything we do at HM Compounding is for the betterment of the patient. We take a holistic approach to compounding and pharmacy. In all preparations, we provide the highest quality, which is guaranteed by our PCAB Accreditation. We work with physicians to customize the optimal formulations. We limit systemic side effects with custom tailored solutions.

HM Compounding

Custom medications / Compounding

The compounding pharmacists play a critical role, enabling providers to take a functional and well-designed approach to the patient's medication. This mostly entails the compounding of custom medication, but in many cases also involves being more involved in the patient's program for health, than just the perfunctory dispensing of commercially available medication, it may also involve medication therapy management, lifestyle coaching, and the using of high quality professional line supplements.

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